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Meaning of Falafel ๐Ÿง† emoji

๐Ÿง† Falafel emoji is food prepared emoji classified under Food & Drink category.

Falafel is a well-liked Middle Eastern โ€œprocessed foodโ€ produced of a combination of chickpeas (or fava beans), garden-fresh herbs, and flavoring that is formed into small patties or balls.

Itโ€™s a conception that falafel was invented in Egypt as Coptic Christians watched for a cheerful renewal for meat during long seasons of fasting for lent and it is possibly inspired by the same kind of Indian recipe.

The shape of the falafel emoji is matching with Indian sweet recipes laddu. ๐Ÿฅ™ Stuffed Flatbread is also having a shape filled with falafel, so for some users, these 2 emoji might be replaceable.

Unicode Consortium has introduced โ€œFalafelโ€ in Unicode version 12.0 in the year 2019 and was officially added in the year 2019 to Emoji version 12.0.

How ๐Ÿง†Falafel emoji is used?

  • How to make falafel ๐Ÿง†?
  • What is falafel๐Ÿง† made of?
  • Enjoy your falafel๐Ÿง† wrap.
  • what is the meaning of falafel๐Ÿง†?
  • I love Laddu ๐Ÿง†.

Alternative names

Chickpea, Falafel, Meatball, laddu,

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