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A wikipedia of emoji

Emojimania is the ultimate website for emoji copy and paste on any app or device with just a tap or click. Emojimania is a Wikipedia of emojis which lets you explore all the official emojis to copy and paste on a single page.

Emojimania helps you to find the right emoji for you with its powerful search. if your device or app does not support entering the emoji you can copy the emoji from here and paste it anywhere.

Currently, there are 3633 official emojis listed on Emojimania with in-depth details including the meaning, usage, and shortcode of the emojis.

Emojimania also offers super easy UI to copy and paste emoji shortcodes for GitHub and slack along with CLDR name and Unicode.

Every emoji has a different meaning. if you wanted to send the emoji to someone but are not sure about its meaning of that emoji, just search for that emoji on this website and know how and when to use that particular emoji.

The emoji listed on the Emojimania is supported on significant devices including operating systems like iOS, macOS, Android, Windows, Linux, and ChromeOS. Also, You can copy and paste emojis for Twitter, Facebook, Slack, Instagram, Snapchat, Slack, GitHub, Instagram, WhatsApp, and more by just clicking or taping on the emoji on the emoji copy and paste page.

Emojis listed on the Emojimania are official emoji characters with legit CLRD names and code points as a part of Unicode Standard.

Features of Emojimania

  • get meaning of emoji characters
  • copy and paste the emojis
  • copy and paste the emoji shortcode
  • search emoji characters
  • the madness for emoji will continue...

Emoji FAQ

  • ✋ How do I create my own emoji?

    Yes, You can create your own emojis, but to make it available for all you need to submit the emoji proposal Unicode Consortium. They have a submission process that is is open to anyone.

  • ✋ Are emojis Japanese?

    Emoji word is originated from Japan. In Japanese įĩĩ(e) means Picture and 文字(moji) Mean the character. Emojis were introduced in Japanese mobile phone in 1997. In between the year 2000-2010 The basic 12×12 pixel emoji grew in popularity across various platforms.

  • ✋ Are emojis copyrighted?

    Yes, the copyright on emoji exists from the moment of creation. However Emoji are Unicode characters that anyone can use. However, specific design of emoji are often proprietary and thus cannot be used. All copyrights, trademarks associated with emojis are the property of their respective owners.

  • ✋ Can I copy and paste emoji?

    Yes, All the emoji listed on the emojimania can be copy and paste on desired app or the document and supported by all the major devices and operating systems.

  • ✋ What is Unicode emoji?

    Unicode is an encoding standard maintained by the Unicode Consortium. it has a total of 143,859 characters(as of March 2020). on Computer, Mobile or a server, every character you type is a unicode character it includes the emojis also. For example, when you type or a paste a heart emoji âĪ, system converts the unicode points U+2764 to look like a hear emoji. The shape of the emoji differs from device to device.

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