Pregnant Woman

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Pregnant Woman meaning

什 Pregnant Woman emoji is a general representation of a medium heightened woman with hair parted sidewards holding her baby bump with her hands. The view is till the abdomen. It represents gestation, pregnancy glow up, pregnancy scares, motherhood, pregnancy, and baby shower. As the name suggests, it signifies a womans pregnancy and the period of human gestation. Rarely, it is also used to indicate that you are full (means to say that your stomach is full after eating very much).

Breast Feeding emoji very similar to 什 Pregnant Woman emoji showing a woman with a baby feeding from her breast. some other gender variations which can look similar are 抽Woman Feeding Baby, 兩Man Feeding Baby, Person Feeding Baby.

In 2015, iDiversicons proposed the pregnant woman emoji. which got endorsed as a part of Unicode 9.0 and was introduced as a personal role emoji to Emoji 3.0 in 2016 under People & Body category.

When and how to use the 什 Pregnant Woman emoji?

  • It is famously used when someone is about to conceive, and post pictures of the pregnancy photoshoot or baby shower.
  • Sometimes, it is also used to casually and light-heartedly ask your best friend who is hanging out with her boyfriend to be aware and do not end up doing anything silly for which she has to repent later.
  • During this pandemic, while people are working from home, there is a good chance that their tummies will enlarge because of the lack of exercise. You can send this emoji to a friend just to make him aware that he/she does not end up having a swollen belly.
  • If someone passes unnecessary, patriarchal comments on your body, you can retort by mentioning No Uterus No Opinion.

Other Names of Pregnant Woman

The alternative names of Pregnant Woman emoji are pregnant, woman, baby bump, mom-to-be, womb, Pregnancy, baby shower, preggo, with a child, preggy.

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