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Mirror meaning

Mirror emoji that consists of either a silver frame or ornate gold mirror; the shape and size of which differs from platform to platform. It looks like a long mirror that seems to be mounted on a wall. It signifies pride, reflection (to show someone how they look), and reality check (e.g. to show someone how shallow-minded he/she is because he/she keeps thinking about himself/herself). Very rarely, it is also meant to express magical powers (referred to in Disney).

mirror emoji has not similar variation but, Fog and Computer Disc emoji have similer appearance to mirror emoji.

Mirror Emoji was first introduced by Theo Schear, LaTurbo Avedon, and Jennifer 8. Lee of Emojination on 21st February 2019. One of the character properties is that it is a bidirectional mirrored emoji with N Unicode 1 name. In 2020, mirror emoji was endorsed as a part of Unicode 13.0 and got added to Emoji 13.0 under the household objects emoji category.

How to use Mirror emoji?

  • It is used when you want someone to do a reality check. E.g. After what you did, I believe you need to look at yourself in the mirror.
  • With Motivational Captions, mirrors work a great deal If you want to be a motivational speaker, before trying out in front of the audience, try out in front of a mirror!
  • It is also meant to emphasize reflections and implications they point out metaphorically Every person you are drawn towards is a piece of reflection of you in some way; some, a few pieces while some many.

Other Names of Mirror

The alternative names of Mirror emoji are Reflector, Mirror with wooden frame, Pier Glass, Cheval Glass, Hand Glass, Full-length mirror, Looking glass, Reflection.

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