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Check Mark meaning

The ✔️ Check Mark emoji is a dark green tick or checkmark shown on certain platforms in a handwritten manner. It is also displayed in grey or black. It was earlier shown in red on Samsung and green on Microsoft and google.

The check mark emoji typically represents something that is correct, and accurate or a symbol of the completion of tasks or verification of a fact or statement after cross-verification or scrutiny. Many firms across the globe mark attendance or presence of their employees using ✔️. It is also used to mark your approval. To avoid confusion with a verified checkmark, Twitter names do not support this emoji.

Check Box With Check emoji is also a similar emoji enclosed with square to ✔️ Check Mark emoji.

Under the “Heavy Check Mark” name, Check Mark was approved for inclusion in Unicode 1.1 and was later made a part of Emoji 1.0 in 2015. Check Mark was edited by Mark Davis and Peter Edberg.

When and how to use the ✔️ Check Mark emoji?

  • While alluding to something that is already been “done” or something that is the right thing to do irrespective of the situation, ✔️ could heighten the effect of the statement. “I have entered my personal information ✔️. Please do advise on the next steps!”
  • Essentially, the term “checking” denotes both scrutiny and a sense of completion. “Candidate’s background checks are completed ✔️. Feel free to send him the joining details.”
  • Since ✔️ denotes “completion”, you can use it in text messages or captions that contain demands that must be met, such as instructions. “Did you heat the rice twice? If yes ✔️, make sure to add some water in a separate utensil and put that heated rice in it.”
  • You could also refer to “checking in” or “checking out” at physical places like hotels or virtual places like social media sites or workplace portals. “Make sure to check out ✔️, before 10 AM as the bus will leave sharply at 11.”

✔ Check Mark emoji is another symbol emoji classified under the Symbols category.

Other Names of Check Mark

The alternative names of Check Mark emoji are Checking, Ticking, Correct, Done, Heavy Check Mark, Heavy Grey Check Mark, Right, Yes and True.

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