Cross Mark

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Cross Mark meaning

The ❌ Cross Mark is a large, red cross mark that resembles an ‘X’ mark that is sometimes outlined in black. It resembles a multiplication sign. The ❌ Cross Mark denotes anything that is incorrect, unacceptable, wrong, or disapproved. You can use this emoji for anything that is removed, no longer in consideration, or disqualified. It is also used to represent disagreement towards something.

In 2010, Cross Mark was endorsed as a part of Unicode 6.0 and in 2015, it was included in Emoji 1.0. Cross Mark in Symbol category was proposed by Kat Momoi, Mark Davis, Markus Scherer, Darick Tong (Google Inc.), Peter Edberg, and Yasuo Kida (Apple Inc.).

When and how to use the ❌ Cross Mark emoji?

  • While playing around with questions and riddles, sarcastically as well as genuinely, ❌ could be a possible response to an incorrect answer. E.g., “Do not select that option! I know very well it is a wrong answer ❌.”
  • ❌ may also denote disapproval or disallowance. E.g., “I totally disapprove of the court’s stand on the release of the murder convicts ❌. “
  • You can use ❌ if you’re writing a disclaimer, foreword or introduction, or message that stands against something. E.g., “Even though this post highlights the problems that crept into the society following the introduction of road laws, it is not intended to target a specific person or political party ❌.”
  • Lastly, with reference to any event involving the disqualification of something or someone, you can bring in ❌. E.g., “The team was playing exceptionally well right throughout the competition but what led to their surprise disqualification ❌ and an eventual exit was the fact that they failed to keep a check on their emotions against the opposition’s shrewd sledding.”

Other Names of Cross Mark

The alternative names of Cross Mark emoji are Cancel, Multiply, multiplocation, Cross, Incorrect, Red Cross Mark, Red X, Red ‘X’ Mark, Wrong, and X.

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