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Check Mark Button meaning

The ✅ Check Mark Button emoji consists of a green square box with a checkmark that has a white outlined appearance. Most platforms display a checkmark with a bright green circle or rounded rectangle surrounding it. As the name suggests, the ✅ Check Mark Button emoji symbolizes a pressable or clickable check mark. Consequently, it indicates any machine or device that requests approval. It is also used to note down the presence or attendance in many firms.

Earlier, Android used to show this as a blue tick or blue checkmark with an outline. The lack of support for this emoji in Twitter names may be an effort to avoid misunderstanding with a verified checkmark.

In 2010, Check Mark Button was accepted as a part of Unicode 6.0 under the “White Heavy Check Mark” name and in 2015, it became a part of Emoji 1.0 as an other-symbol emoji under the Symbols category. Check Mark Button was proposed by Kat Momoi, Markus Scherer, Darick Tong, Mark Davis (Google Inc.), Peter Edberg, and Yasuo Kida (Apple Inc.).

When and how to use the ✅ Check Mark Button emoji?

• ✅ could be helpful in situations involving “casting a vote”, regardless of the importance of the political background. E.g., “I am in a state of dilemma regarding who I should vote for ✅. Should it be Jim or David? • Green typically represents anything ‘right’ or ‘correct.’ Therefore, you may utilize ✅ while riddling someone or simply crafting a caption centered on the ‘right’ quality of the subject. • Voting for something or someone democratically asks for support. You can use ✅ to express your support for something or someone or your approval of them. • Along with approval and support, ✅ serves to confirm physical presence i.e., attendance. “His attendance in the Math class was abysmally low ✅ and that is the reason he failed miserably in the final exams.” • ✅ could be applied in completion contexts: “I was shocked to learn that I was diabetic but I took this 16-week allopathy course to completely recover from it ✅.”

Other Names

✅ Approval Button, ✅ Attendance, ✅ Check Mark Symbol, ✅ Green Check Mark, ✅ Green Tick, ✅ Tick Mark, ✅ Voting Button, ✅ White Check Mark Button, ✅ White Check Mark on Green Square, and ✅ White Heavy Check Mark

Other Names of Check Mark Button

The alternative names of Check Mark Button emoji are ✓, Button, Check, Mark.

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