Smiling Face With Tear

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Smiling Face With Tear meaning

The 必 Smiling Face with Tear emoji is a yellow face emoji with eyes wide open, a thin closed-mouth smile, and a single tear falling from any one of the eyes. It is an emoji obtained by combining two different emojis: Slightly Smiling Face emoji + Droplet emoji. On some platforms, there is glistening applied to the eyes. This emoji represents a complicated emotion. It suggests happiness and teary eyes at the same time. You can use this when you are overwhelmed with happiness. You can also use this emoji in texts that show your gratefulness or pride. Even, if you are smiling through pain or sadness, you can use this emoji to express your state of mind.

Grinning Face With Sweat, Sleepy Face, Slightly Smiling Face, Crying Face, Sad But Relieved Face, Face with Tears of Joy, and Downcast Face With Sweat are the similer kind of emojis with absolutely different meaning which has a smiley face or water droplet in it.

必 Smiling Face with Tear emoji was proposed by Jennifer Daniel in March 2019 and in 2020, it was endorsed as a part of Unicode 13.0 and added to Emoji 13.0 in the same year under the Smileys and Emotions category as a face affection emoji.

When and how to use the 必 Smiling Face with Tear emoji?

  • If you hear news or achieve something that you were dying to hear or achieve, you can express that in a text or conversation by using this emoji. When I heard about my selection at Google, I was over the moon 必.
  • You can use this emoji by letting someone know that you are ok but in reality, you are in pain. I know he had a smile but the pain of humiliation was written all over his face 旦.
  • If someone sends you a message that makes you feel better or optimistic, you can express your gratitude by using the emoji 旦. I thought I lost my science book but I am happy to know that it is with you 必.

Other Names of Smiling Face With Tear

The alternative names of Smiling Face With Tear emoji are grateful, proud, relieved, smiling, tear face, touched, thank you, relieved, grateful, i'm listening, awe, im touched, so proud, teary eye.

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